About Us

Safen Group provides a different type of collection service. We offer an easy, more affordable option to get paid faster and on more of your accounts than you’re accustomed to. Safen Group’s system encourages clients to pay, without diminishing your client relationship.

With our state of the art cloud-based technology, designed by collection professionals, we are able to provide low collection rates that far outpace our competitors. We excel in all types of collection activity including recovery of commercial, legal, medical, consumer and retail accounts. We offer the latest in electronic submission of accounts as well as online reporting and updating of accounts. With our system, our clients see a significant increase in their collected accounts while paying a fraction of what traditional collection agencies charge.

We are committed to being the leader in accounts receivable management. We strive to maintain a high standard of customer service to our clients; a positive and sensitive approach to collections; and continue to provide the best product and service in an ever changing world of technology and collection law.