$13 Flat Rate

The most popular service is the $13 flat rate Pre-collection offering. It’s the most cost effective approach in the collections industry today.  Safen Group incorporates powerful computer automation with the most effective letter campaign available in the marketplace today. This service is based on a flat fee schedule that provides an incredible return on investment.

Traditional agencies charge for additional services whether your accounts require them or not. By using Safen Group, the cost of collections is a fraction of what the traditional agencies charge.


Automated, time-activated letters ensure each account is contact consistently.


Letters are worded so not to offend your customers, but to remedy late payer accounts.


Flat fee pricing means no longer paying 30% - 50% of the receivable to a collection agency.

Easy To Use

Accounts are submitted through the online portal; as well as manual if needed.


Account reports are available 24/7/365 online, and are also mailed at the end of each month.


Uncollected accounts can be reported to Equifax or D&B at no additional charge.